Information for prospective puppy buyers

As a breeder i am careful only to use dogs to breed with which have been evalueted in regards of health and also comply with the standard of the breed (character as well as looks). Therefore fulfil my bitch as well as the chosen stud dog all requirements for breeding according RCS, respectively the country's equivalent for stud dogs abroad.
The choice of the dogs to breed with, the care during and after pregnancy as well as raising the puppies is something I will do with all the care and my heart. All my own dogs as well as the puppies from my kennel are first and foremost pets. Therefore I try to choose the future homes with the same care and expect that the prospective owners then will do the same. That they will carry on with the same care, knowledge and intellect as I do for the first weeks. As a certified Certodog® dog trainer I choose to train my dogs fair and nonviolent. 
As a breeder I can offer the following:
  • You get a puppy from two dogs, which have passed according FCI und you can follow health data over several generation. You will always be able to meet the bitch and sometimes also the stud dog.
  • The kennel has passed inspection by the Retriever Club Switzerland (RCS).
  • The parent dog have been chosen carefully based on character, working ability, health and genetic compability.
  • The raising of the puppies is well thought out, diversified and done according newest scientific insights. More on this topic here -> link.
  • A scientifically based education as dog trainer with additional trainings in breeding.
  • I take all the time needed for each and every prospective puppy owner and his specific needs and queries. Puppies are not sold via Email or telephone.
  • Should you have any questions before, during as well as after the puppy has moved in, I am always there for you. There are no "stupid" questions! As a Certodog® certified dog trainer I am happy to give tipps for training or recommendations for dog trainers in your area.
  • You will get a puppy which has been chiped, treated against worms and vaccinated (multiple times).
  • To get a feedback on the genetic fitness of my breeding line, it is very helpful to get all puppies xrayed, therefore I pay part of the costs for it.
  • Every puppy will get a small package, including vaccination record, contract of sales, pedigree (RCS/SKG/FCI) plus some of the puppy's normal food plus some accessories.
My wishes/suggestions for prospective dog owners:
  • Receiving pictures or news about the puppy is welcome, but of course not necessary.
  • A Bramley tree’s ist not "sports equipment" - it is first and foremost a family pet and should be treated as such.
  • The dogs should be raised and trained with respect, patience and according to the currently available learning theory.
Education, training & sport
  • You follow up on the socialisation and habituation careful and nonviolent. For everything you need in your daily life, you train the dog with patience and understanding. Depending on your situation this will be very different (car & train rides, living in a city, shopping mall, restaurant, office, busy roads, playground area etc.).
  • I wish for my puppies to get the chance to visit a well led, understanding puppy class. Depending on the area I might be able to give recommendations or at least let you know, what to look for in a good led puppy class.
  • The first year should be used to build on the bond, the basic education, building a cushion of good experiences as well as teaching the young dog patience and calmness. More about steadiness (in German). 
  • You will choose a age appropiate hobby for you and the dog. Not only physical exercise is important, the mental stimulation is even more so.
  • Because the working lab seems to be a bit of a bully, one tends to forget how sensitive they are. Pressure in education and training does not go well. More about education here -> link (in German).
  • Health and well-beeing should always come before any sportive success.
  • With the age of 12 month it is possible to x-ray the dogs hips and ellbows (HD/ED) and have it officially validated. The results should be forwarded to me. This gives me the opportunity to see how the offsprings develop healthwise and is necessary for me as a breeder to continue breeding healthy dogs. More information about that topics in health (in German) and faq (in German).
  • All illnesses, anomalies as well as the passing should be reported back to me.
Of course all these point do not substitute a personal conversation with people being interested in a Bramley tree's puppy. I am looking forward to hear from you.