Due to a upgrade I am now able to have a bit more space and hopefully translate everything to English as well - first I will be working on the A litter and the planned litter pages. However I already separated the news from the main page to give it a bit more room.

Two days ago the single puppy Fellow moved out to his new family. In the German version of my website a kind of dairy is already online. As soon as I am really pleased with it, I will translate it to English so that you can read up on how Fellow started out and how he was when he moved out.

Early this morning Maura gave birth to two male puppies - however unfortuantely the first Born died during birth, which is so very sad.

Ultrasound confirmed a pregnancy, however no further puppy homes will be needed as we have more than enough good homes.

June 2019 The Ultrasound will be done on 20.6. to see, if Maura is pregnant. This is the methode one chooses for dogs - as there are no other good options.

Today Maura was mated with Arco "Armani aus den Droste Tannen". We are hoping for puppies mid/end July and are still looking for good homes. For more infos please see "planned litter"
I am very pleased to let all interested people know, that Arco has his very own website: armaniausdendrostetannen.ch 
So for further information about the great dog and of course some more photographs just follow the link above.


For the second time we met yesterday with the stud dog for our first litter. We are more than happy to have found such a lovely and charming guy in "Armani aus den Droste Tannen" (Arco) .

Visit Planned litter to find out more!


The Retriever Club Switzerland (RCS) came yesterday for the preliminary check of our kennel. The afternoon flew by with a lot of interessting conversations. We received full points on all our planning and kennel site. With such goods news we are looking joyfull into our future.


We plan to mate Maura the next May/June 2019. The first Bramley tree's litter will fall in August 2019. We are looking at some promising stud dogs and will keep you in the loop about our final choice. As Maura carries only the black colour genome all puppies will be black.

Our kennel name "Bramley Tree's" is now fully registred with the FCI.

Maura passed the RCS breeding admission test in Frauenfeld with full points and withour further obligations. She worked incredibly well and completed every task to our complete satisfaction.