With our breeding we strive for healthy and confident dogs, which show an extraordinarily large joy and enthusiasm at the work with their handler. Due to their trainability and the pronounced ability to concentrate, they are equally suitable for classic retriever work, search and dog sport. They are lively, cheerful and friendly to everyone. Loyal to their people and love to cuddle. Bramley tree’s puppies belongs to family. We only give them into responsible hands, where they are carefully and friendly raised and can reach their full potential. We expect close family connection – we reject kennel keeping – but still they are not suitable as pure pet dogs. In order to be happy and balanced, our dogs need meaningful mental stimulation. Due to their versatility they are equally suitable for many sports such as: Mantrailing, Obedience, rescue work, hunting work and many more. It is not tests, titles and medals that define success, but the team to which a Bramley tree’s Lab and his handler grow together.
Are you interested in a Bramley tree’s puppy? We are looking forward to your inquiry including a small introduction. Pure price questions or shortest inquiries will not be answered. We are very happy to meet prospective puppy owners personally and at an early stage.