Gulliondale Brana 'Maura'

Born: 2. Juni 2016

Breeder: Gabriela Thalhammer

Hips: B/B

Elbow: 0/0

prcd-PRA: clear by parentage

CNM: cbp

EIC: cbp

SD2: N/SD2 (carrier)

Eyes: clear (Okt 2018)

Teeth: complete

Colour: pure black

Work: gundog training, mantrailing, scent discrimination


Character test: passed with full score

"Friendly bitch with exubarent temperament, that stands sometimes in her way. She shows all retriever qualities. 

Paul Koch - Frauenfeld, 2.9.2018

Shape Standard: passed without restriction

"joyfull temperament temporarily prevents harmonius movements, sporty bitch with a lot of joie de vivre"

Verena Neuburger - Frauenfeld, 2.9.2018 

Translated from German - for original wording refer to the German section of the website

For me Maura is an absolute dream dog – the big win at the lottery. She is my first dog with pedigree, my first retriever, first labrador and my entry into the gundog world. But for sure she will not be my last labrador.
Maura is a great, spirited, loyal, sporty and friendly bitch, which possesses all Labrador qualities in high quantities. She is a good companion in everyday life, pleasant with the children, playful, calm and cuddly at home. At work she is motivated, tireless, fast and yet accurate. Her excellent development in everyday life as well as at work led me to breeding. I am very happy that she passed the character test without any problems and received the highest scores everywhere. A nice confirmation for this fantastic bitch. Even if my nervousness in the form ring stood in our way a little, Maura passed without any restrictions - despite her dainty exterieur.
For more pictures please refer to the Gallery in the German version of my website -> link.

Work & Training

Since autumn 2016 Maura has been able to prove her excellent nose for mantrailing. At the training with Marc Lauber, we follow tracks of a missing person until we find them, whether in the forest, in the industrial area or in the city. Maura is highly motivated and has a great deal of passion, perseverance and dedication to her work.

In addition, we differentiate odours and occasionally work in the search. Mantrailing is very close to my heart and we are passionate about it. Every time I'm impressed by what a dog's nose can do - whether through a busy city or through a dense forest.
Since spring 2017 we are active in gundog training as well. Just like on the trail, Maura impresses with her speed, which is sometimes a real challenge for a dummy newcomer like me. With increasing experience, however, I learn to control her bubbly temperament better and better. It is in her blood – she shows this with great enthusiasm and will to please. Gundog training brings us closer together as a team. We are making great progress and in the future we also want to participate in a working test.

Her way to us

When we got to know the black ball of fur, she was still Miss Pink and at home with her breeder in Graz. We used our summer holidays to cuddle the puppies every day for almost a week. It was a great holiday for the children and we all remember it dearly. After all this time with the four puppies I had already lost my heart to Miss Pink and was very happy that Gabriela entrusted her to me.
A few weeks later, my good friend Stefanie and I made another trip to Graz to bring Gulliondale Brana Maura to her new home.

Gabriela not only gave me my dream dog but also let me choose the name for my pup. The name "Maura" comes from the Tess Gerrtisen novels, which I devoured at times. My Maura certainly has at least as good a nose as Maura Isles in the stories. Since Maura comes from the B-litter, she needed a name beginning with "B". This name was quickly found with Brana - Gaelic for noble or sublime.

The journey home with the noble Maura was easy - much less stressful for all three of us than we had expected. Arriving at the new home, the sweet pupper got to know the other two- and four-legged family members. From the beginning Maura has integrated very well into the existing, mixed breed pack.