About uns

My Name is Claudia Comps and I live with my husband and our two kids near the wastercastle in the beautiful canton of Aargau. Our three dogs are an important part of our family and a big passion of mine. Our family is completed by our cat and Koi fishs in the pond.

Our dogs are family members and therefore neither sports equipment nor prestige objects. Whenever possible and practical, they accompany us in everyday life, on journeys, to friend and more.
Stefanie and her male french water dog are like family to us and she helps us in all matters – whether dog sitting, read or proof read texts, editing photos, helping with breeding questions and many more. Her help is invaluable. Alongside Stefanie and Milou we train mantrailing at Marc Laubers K9 Training Center. Maura and Milou are nearly the same age and have a strong bond.

If you are interested in my education on dog training please visit my page: hunderlei.ch
There you will find courses on Mantrailing for all breeds and people interested.
We got the inspiration for our kennel name from the british heritage of my husbands family. As a young boy he often visited his Grandma in Somerset. In her garden stood a big Apple Tree – in fact a Bramley Tree! When we moved in our own house my husband wished to get his own Bramley tree. And our pups will grow up under this tree.