Within seconds the sparks between Maura and Arco flew and they mated without any problems on 22/05/2019. We are hoping for puppies mid/end July 2019 and are still looking for good homes.
After a long and extensive search, I found the perfect stud dog four our first litter: Armani aus den Droste Tannen, named Arco. Besides ideal health results Arco captivates by his friendly and confident nature. At work, he is versatile and enthusiastic in BH, SanH and Dummy. He successfully passed BH1, SanH1 and won the beginners class at the WT Silvaplana last year. I very much like his masculine form with good bone structure and a beautiful expressive head. Maura and Arco got to know each other several times and complete each other very well.

Arcos Father, Felix vom Trappisten Klister, comes from old hunting lines. Of his 79 offspring, 42 were evaluated with very good health results. Also the siblings of Arco are brilliant with good hips. Arcos Mother, Annelie vom Angelfeld, captivates with her Field Trail Blood. Among her ancestors you can find the Int. FT Ch. Ragweed’s Travel and Chairman of Dukefield.

A big challenge in today’s dog breeding is the promotion of good disposition without sacrificing genetic diversity and health. By mating Maura x Arco I lower the COI to 4%.
Armani aus den Droste Tannen "Arco"
Geb. 26. Februar 2015
HD A/A, ED 0/0
OCD Schulter frei LS-ÜGW 0
HC/PRA/RD-negativ (15.01.19)
prcd-PRA clear b.p.
EIC clear b.p.
CNM clear b.p.
HNPK clear b.p.
SD2 clear
Arco carries yellow
He got his breeding approval from RCS on 12.09.2017

If everything goes according to plan, the first Bramley tree’s litter will fall in mid-August. I hope that this mating will bring confident black puppies with a friendly nature and much will to please. For our first puppies we are looking for friendly homes, with close contact to their handlers and the prospect of being able to live to their full potential.